Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tubby Time

How did we go from this.....
 Jackson's first "bath" at home (washcloth bath and hair shampoo under the faucet).

To this.....
Jackson in his infant tub at around 5 months old.

To THIS!.....

Gone are the days when our sweet itty bitty baby would just lay quietly in his tub. Jackson loves to crawl all around his tub, run his hands under the faucet, and splash the water in his face. He gets in there and just moves non-stop. What was it about baths being calming for babies?! The good news is that he LOVES the bath. Just the other night I said, "do you want to go take a tub tub?" He got all excited - big smile and arms flapping. We went in the bathroom and I started the warm water running and put his small tub into the big tub. Then I started to walk back into his room so I could take his clothes and diaper off. He absolutely FREAKED out because he thought he wasn't going to get a chance to get in the bath. I hurried and undressed him and as soon as we walked back into the bathroom he was all smiles and flappy arms again. He practically leapt out of my arms so he could get in. He's always been a water baby and it's so fun to see him grow and become more interactive during bath time. It has actually become one of my favorite times of day!

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  1. It goes way too quickly! Gabs is all over the tub these days, too! It sure is nice to use a bath as a distraction on a long crabby night, though! :)